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Great news!  The video of testimonials for the Arcadian Chorale 20th Anniversary season is now available on You Tube.


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Classical New Jersey:

"Marina Alexander has brought The Arcadian Chorale to a high   performance level through meticulous preparation….  and intelligence in the interpretations... The polished phrasing and  clear diction of the choir throughout the concert were a testament to  her expertise in choral conducting and her solid musicianship."


Asbury Park Press: 

"The Arcadian Chorale...celebrated its 10th Anniversary season... with a   heart- pumping program, titled Anniversary Waltzes.  Alexander is a first-rate conductor, and her leadership shows in the consistently warm and rich sound of the ensemble sharply focused vocal lines and precise  articulation...a highly effective and emotional journey.  The voices here were   confident and soaring..."


Re: Carnegie Hall, May 2, 2008]....For Verdi's "Requiem" the smaller   Arcadian Chorale and Richmond choral society [both] trained by Marina  Alexander joined the St. Cecilia Chorus....From the hushed  opening  'Requiem aeternam' it was apparent that a lot of care had gone into   preparing this work. The clarity of diction here and  throughout the work, the  attention paid to detail, greatly enhanced the dramatic impact of the softer  sections, perfectly balancing the visceral effect of the 'Dies Irae' choruses.  Overall, the singing was precise, focused, and well-balanced.

NY Times: "..uniformly solid.."        Classics Today:"..the Arcadian Chorale.. sang with great passion & accuracy





Does singing in a chorus make you healthier?

It appears to. And that's great news for the 29 million adults and children who sing in America's 250,000 professional, community, church, and school choruses, according to figures from Chorus America, a service organization.

It's not clear how much of the health benefit is due to hanging out with other people and how much to the artistic challenge, but a handful of studies suggest that, for whatever mix of reasons, choral singing is good for your health.  

It doesn't even matter if you can't sing well. Singing is a surefire way of feeling good

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